Anita and her new dresses!

It’s time to start planning those upcoming holidays!  The people who know me best know that I’m a total procrastinator and although I absolutely hate being late I just can’t seem to be on time with holiday preparations.  I always start out with big plans in the fall but then suddenly in the blink of an eye its almost December.  That means panic mode cause most presents have to be shipped to other countries.  Thats were I am now!  But thanks to Sansahash Anita will have new dresses at least.

By Dagbjørt

Meet Nina!  Such a cute vintage dress.  When I saw that the pattern had puff sleeves I knew I had to make one in light blue, those of you who have read the books or seen the tv-show about Anne of Green Gables know why.  I don’t know how many times I read those books growing up – does that make me ancient?  In my defence the books where my mom’s to begin with – wink wink!

By Dagbjørt

This was the first dress I sewed during testing and this is the babydoll length, the final pattern is a couple of inches longer.

By Dagbjørt

This one is my favourite, blue and with stripes – my two favourite things!

The Nina Dress has two length options, babydoll like the ones I made and knee length.  It’s the perfect pattern for the holiday season.  I wouldn’t sew a short sleeved dress for her for casual wear at this time of year but when we have our fancy clothes on during the holidays we are usually inside so sleeve length doesn’t really matter and a princess deserves some puffy sleeves!

By Dagbjørt

The back is finished with button loops, which are a nice break from button holes in my opinion.  If you have nice buttons it’s a really good way to showcase them.  I, on the other hand just have some basic ones cause the selection at my local stores sucks and I always forget to search online for buttons.  The fabric was supposed to become something for me but as so often before it just didn’t go that way.

By Dagbjørt

Why make only two dresses when you can make three?  Specially when you should be preparing those Christmas presents that need to be shipped over the big pond!  Do you spot something different in this photo?

By Dagbjørt

Exactly – there is a separate Peter Pan collar!  Isn’t that just so sweet?  It ties together in the back or you can have the ties in the front if you prefer.

By Dagbjørt

Not only is the Nina pattern on sale because its a new release but there is also a huge Black Friday storewide sale going on at Sansahash so be sure to check it out and stock up on your pdf patterns!

By Dagbjørt

We bow out in princess style and wish you happy sewing!










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I'm a mom to four fantastic kids, three boys and a girl. To teenagers and to toddlers so never a dull moment in our household :) We are from Iceland but have been living in Norway since 2001. I have a newfound passion for sewing. My hubby travels a lot for work and I needed something to do at night when the little ones are a sleep because suddenly my teenage boys would rather hang with their friends or play on their pc's than be with me - why is beyond my imagination :) Thanks to Pinterest I found some amazing sewing bloggers, whom I've been stalking, and realized that I could dig out my sewing machine and start sewing. Now it's all I think about. I've been hoarding pdf patterns and learning from all the amazing tutorials that are out there. I've decided to try out this blogging thing as well to document my sewing journey. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by, I would love it if you would leave me a comment! XOXO Dagbjört

2 thoughts on “Anita and her new dresses!”

  1. What lovely puffed sleeves! I love all the Anne books, and Anne definitely contributed to my love of puffed sleeves as a kid (actually, I still love puffed sleeves. . .)


  2. Absolutely awesome and spot on Anne of Green Gables sleeves 😘 Anita is so beautiful and just a professional model as always 💝😘


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