Lovely Linea

Right before I threw my back out a couple of weeks ago I managed to test the new Linea A-line skirt from Wardrobe by me.  My back is getting better but I must start taking better care of myself and work in some exercising time in between work and sewing.  I hope that with brighter and longer days I’ll manage to keep up the motivation.  But enough on that boring stuff, her is Linea!

By Dagbjørt

The pattern has options for pockets, with or without a center seam at front and back, two lengths with a regular hem and a third one with a really cute flounce.

By Dagbjørt

This is my one with pockets in the shorter length and without the center seams at front and back.  If you do that you have to remember to cut out the center seam allowance.  Sweater is store bought, I know shame on me!

By Dagbjørt

This one is without pockets, also the shorter length but with the center seams.  Its too bad my photos don’t show the structure the center seams give the skirt, I really like that on solid colour and a little heavier knit fabrics.

By Dagbjørt

If you only have an hour but want to satisfy that sewing craving this is the right pattern. If you drop the pockets and cut your pieces on the fold the sewing is over and done with in no time at all.  This one I paired with my Anna shirt.

By Dagbjørt

At first I thought that the flounce wasn’t something I would like but then I started seeing other testers post pictures of theirs and I knew I was very very wrong!  This one is in a light weight fabric and it will be a perfect summer skirt.

By Dagbjørt

Just look at that lovely flounce.  I cheated and did a rolled hem on my serger, so fast and easy.

The pattern is on sale until April 26th for $9.00 I would recommend you getting it right now though and make yourself a cute new skirt for Easter or just for spring if you don’t do the Easter thing.






All the heart eyes for Mirri

I’m about to show you one of the most flattering pattern I have ever sewed.  It just hugs the body in all the right places and it looks awesome on all sorts of body types.  Here is the awesome Mirri from Wardrobe by me.

By Dagbjørt

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So happy with her new outfits!

Anita was so happy with the new outfits I made her and on our way out to take photos she said it was so amazing that everything I make her fits perfectly.  I couldn’t help not to laugh and told her about all the adjustments I do to make it so, usually grading each pattern between 3 and 4 sizes.  I guess I’m spoiling her with custom made clothes, haha!  Want to see her new clothes?

By Dagbjørt

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Starting the year with Grace!

Can’t belief its February already, oh and Happy New Year to all of you!

I have been busy sewing the past weeks and now its time to start showing off what I’ve been doing.  First in line is my lovely Grace the newest pattern from one of my favourite designers Wardrobe by me

By Dagbjørt

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