The Wardrobe Builder!

This post is about the top I was wearing with my Easy Pants in my previous post.  It’s the Wardrobe Builder T-shirt.

By Dagbjørt

This pattern is so awesome!  It has tons of options 5 necklines, 6 sleeve lengths and 3 body lengths and of course you can mix and match it however you want.  It also sews up super fast.  I have photos of 4 Wardrobe Builders to show you here.  This cute floral thing is the scoop neck with elbow length sleeves.

By Dagbjørt

The pink one from last post is the boatneck also with elbow length sleeves.

By Dagbjørt

Of course I had to make one in my go to colour – blue.  This one is also the boatneck but with 3/4 sleeves.

By Dagbjørt

Then I went totally out of my usual colour palette and made one in yellow with v-neck and long sleeves.  I had my doubt about the colour but I really love it and I think this is actually the one I have worn the most lately.  All my new Wardrobe Builders are made in viscose jersey.  All fabric except the pink one is from Stoffdronning, I don’t remember where I got that one from.  This pattern really is a wardrobe builder!






Can pants be easy??

Actually – YES!

Wardrobe by me has done it again with The Easy Pants.

By Dagbjørt

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Bonfire time!

Fall is coming and no matter how hard I wish for the summer to continue, I guess its time to accept the inevitable and make the kids some warmer clothes!  First up is Anita in her brand new and awesome Bonfire Hoodie!

By Dagbjørt

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This one has been hanging in my sewing room for a few weeks now, just waiting for time to take photos.  Anita knows she can’t wear her new mommy made clothes before they are photographed so she has been patiently admiring her new Sanamu jumpsuit/romper or what you would call it.  Finally the stars aligned and we could take those photos!

By Dagbjørt

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Finally I have an Akinori!!

The Akinori has been on my to do list forever.  After seeing so many gorgeous ones in my FB and Insta feed earlier this summer I knew it had to be my first sew after our summer holiday.  Finally I have my very own Akinori!

By Dagbjørt

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A woven wrap delight.

It does look like wrap dresses are the thing these days.  Usually I’m about a year or two behind on what’s in, but I actually have sewn a few both true and faux wrap dresses both in jersey and woven.  I’ll put links to my previous posts at the bottom, but this post is all about the brand new Ava Wrap dress from Wardrobe by me.

By Dagbjørt

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Soray + Imari = Perfect Pair

This all started with Anita outgrowing her old denim shorts and I had decided that I would sacrifice one of my favourite fabric from my stash to make her a new pair.  I know, I really love her!  I had The Imari Shorts from Sansahash all cut out and ready to go when the tester call for The Soray Top and Dress came.  Perfect timing!

By Dagbjørt

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