Perfect summer combo!

After making my first muslin of the  Imari shorts during pattern testing for Sansahash I knew I had to make Lilah top to go with them.

By Dagbjørt

Don’t you just love how great those go to together?  I might be a bit biased but the model is absolutely gorgeous as well!

By Dagbjørt

Although the shorts were made using the first pattern during the pattern testing they are great.  The only difference in the final version is that the side seams were adjusted a little bit and the inseam is little longer.

By Dagbjørt

The same butterfly button to the rescue to make her approve of something more than dresses.  I used stretch denim for these from Imagine Gnats . 

By Dagbjørt

I added piping to the yoke, I love the contrast it gives.  These are in size 4 width and 6 length and with the elastic at the leg opening for the bubble effect.

By Dagbjørt

For the top I used regular quilting cotton this time.  Since that doesn’t have the same drape as lighter weight fabrics I took out about 5 cm of the width of the skirt pieces to make it a little less full and easier to gather.  This was actually my 5th Lilah in woven fabric so I think I need to give it a little break now.  I haven’t made the knit version yet so that is still on my to do list.

By Dagbjørt

The fabric is called Mercury Rising Pink by Moda Fabrics.  I bought it from Urban-Sew some time ago, but guess what it’s still in stock and here is the link.

By Dagbjørt

As you can see this outfit works for dancing!

By Dagbjørt

The top is made in size 5 width and 6 length.

By Dagbjørt

I do believe her vacation wardrobe is ready and now I have 3 weeks to get the rest of the family ready so I better sign out and start sewing!

Her hats by the way are from H&M.






Author: bydagbjort

I'm a mom to four fantastic kids, three boys and a girl. To teenagers and to toddlers so never a dull moment in our household :) We are from Iceland but have been living in Norway since 2001. I have a newfound passion for sewing. My hubby travels a lot for work and I needed something to do at night when the little ones are a sleep because suddenly my teenage boys would rather hang with their friends or play on their pc's than be with me - why is beyond my imagination :) Thanks to Pinterest I found some amazing sewing bloggers, whom I've been stalking, and realized that I could dig out my sewing machine and start sewing. Now it's all I think about. I've been hoarding pdf patterns and learning from all the amazing tutorials that are out there. I've decided to try out this blogging thing as well to document my sewing journey. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by, I would love it if you would leave me a comment! XOXO Dagbjört

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