My Frida shorts!

I’ve been away on a camping trip with my family and we had such a great time. It’s great to get to go away and simplify your life for a little bit, although I must admit I really missed my sewing machine – LOL!
Before we left I made myself a pair of shorts, the brand new Frida shorts from Wardrobe by me to be specific.



Christina never disappoints if you’re looking for a professional quality patterns.  The Frida shorts have back darts, slant pockets, belt loops, a functional front fly and I love how the waistband is finished with a binding on the inside.  Here is a picture of the inside taken before the final ironing.


My waist is a size 8 while the rest of my lower half is a size 10 so I had to take the waist in as you can also see in the above photo.  I had stitched my tag on already using a tiny stitch length and it was impossible to unpick so I just cut it and that’s why it looks weird.  Grading in the waist was a lot easier than I thought it would be with Christinas help and advise over the Facebook group.  At first I was tempted to just leave it gaping at the waist as I’m used to store bought pants always fitting me like that, but that kind off defeats the point of making your own clothes.


I must say I’m extremely proud how I managed to line up the dots in the fabric.  I’m sure my sewing friends will understand the feeling.


See no gaping at the back!


The pattern comes with three length options short, mid thigh and bermuda.  I made the bermuda length as I think it’s the most flattering for my body shape.


In case you were wondering the tops I’m wearing in these photos are also made by me using Wardrobe by me patterns.  The camisole is The Carma Strap Top Camisole, it’s the perfect pattern to use up your small leftovers of jersey and it comes with three length options so you can make a cute slip dress as well.  I used fold over elastic to bind the top and for the straps so I only had to cut two pattern pieces and sewing was fast.


The other top is Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse.  That was actually the first pattern I tested for Christina, here is my first Wardrobe by me from October 2015.  What is great about this pattern is that you can choose either woven or stretchy fabric.  If you choose woven the neck and armholes are finished with a facing but with a rib cuff if using jersey.  I cheated on this one and just serged the edges of the armholes and the hem, so jey for another fast project!


Fabrics used in this post are from all over the place.  For the shorts I used chambray from Robert Kaufmann I bought from Imagine Gnats, you can find it here.  For the camisole I used jersey bought from my local fabric store, Kreaktiv.  For the Daisy I think I used this one from Stoff og Stil.

Now run over and get your shorts pattern and while you’re at it grab a pattern for a top as well to complete your summer look!





Author: bydagbjort

I'm a mom to four fantastic kids, three boys and a girl. To teenagers and to toddlers so never a dull moment in our household :) We are from Iceland but have been living in Norway since 2001. I have a newfound passion for sewing. My hubby travels a lot for work and I needed something to do at night when the little ones are a sleep because suddenly my teenage boys would rather hang with their friends or play on their pc's than be with me - why is beyond my imagination :) Thanks to Pinterest I found some amazing sewing bloggers, whom I've been stalking, and realized that I could dig out my sewing machine and start sewing. Now it's all I think about. I've been hoarding pdf patterns and learning from all the amazing tutorials that are out there. I've decided to try out this blogging thing as well to document my sewing journey. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by, I would love it if you would leave me a comment! XOXO Dagbjört

6 thoughts on “My Frida shorts!”

    1. You sure do 😉 I love yours, the plum color is so great! I haven’t really been looking for fabric for pants for myself because I never thought I’d be making any, but now I’ll start looking and hopefully I will find something fun 🙂


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