The Wardrobe Builder!

This post is about the top I was wearing with my Easy Pants in my previous post.  It’s the Wardrobe Builder T-shirt.

By Dagbjørt

This pattern is so awesome!  It has tons of options 5 necklines, 6 sleeve lengths and 3 body lengths and of course you can mix and match it however you want.  It also sews up super fast.  I have photos of 4 Wardrobe Builders to show you here.  This cute floral thing is the scoop neck with elbow length sleeves.

By Dagbjørt

The pink one from last post is the boatneck also with elbow length sleeves.

By Dagbjørt

Of course I had to make one in my go to colour – blue.  This one is also the boatneck but with 3/4 sleeves.

By Dagbjørt

Then I went totally out of my usual colour palette and made one in yellow with v-neck and long sleeves.  I had my doubt about the colour but I really love it and I think this is actually the one I have worn the most lately.  All my new Wardrobe Builders are made in viscose jersey.  All fabric except the pink one is from Stoffdronning, I don’t remember where I got that one from.  This pattern really is a wardrobe builder!






Can pants be easy??

Actually – YES!

Wardrobe by me has done it again with The Easy Pants.

By Dagbjørt

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In my last post I hacked the Kamaria Sunsuit into a bikini and amazingly enough that inspired Mgeni the designer behind Sansahash to make a swimsuit pattern.  But she didn’t just use the Kamaria as an inspiration but also the Lilah Top and Dress.  So here is the L&K Swimsuit!

By Dagbjørt

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A spirited girl in her spirited dress.

Did catch your copy of the latest One Thimble ezine?  There are so many patterns in there I’m dying to try out.  I tested one of the patterns, The Spirited Dress which is Candice Ayala debut into pattern making.  And what a debut!

By Dagbjørt

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Wardrobe by me…

… using patterns from Wardrobe by me!

Christinas patterns fit me perfectly, they are usually drafted for 172 cm height so I never have to do length adjustments and the curves hit me in all the right places although I have to grade out a little bit for the hips if it’s a fitted garment.  But hey, you can’t have it all on a silver plate now can you?!

By Dagbjørt

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Farfar Cardigan and a new model!

You can imagine my excitement when my 18 year old agreed that I could sew him something and post it on the blog!!  So let me introduce you to my very handsome young man!

By Dagbjørt

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