My very own Aspen, finally!

I’ll keep this short and sweet as we just got home from camping and I have a ton of things to put away and not to mention the huge laundry pile that’s staring at me. At first I wasn’t going to write a blog post about my newest sew but then I started posting in the sewing groups on Facebook and I just felt that this pattern really deserves a place on the blog.

Sewing women's clothes using pdf sewing patterns from indie sewing pattern designers.
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This one has been hanging in my sewing room for a few weeks now, just waiting for time to take photos.  Anita knows she can’t wear her new mommy made clothes before they are photographed so she has been patiently admiring her new Sanamu jumpsuit/romper or what you would call it.  Finally the stars aligned and we could take those photos!

By Dagbjørt

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