My very own Aspen, finally!

I’ll keep this short and sweet as we just got home from camping and I have a ton of things to put away and not to mention the huge laundry pile that’s staring at me. At first I wasn’t going to write a blog post about my newest sew but then I started posting in the sewing groups on Facebook and I just felt that this pattern really deserves a place on the blog.

Sewing women's clothes using pdf sewing patterns from indie sewing pattern designers.
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8 going on 18

It was kind of scary seeing Anita in such a cool maxi dress. She suddenly looked so much older. I think she felt it too cause she turned the attitude way up. Needless to say she really loves her new dress.

Sewing childrens clothes using pdf sewing patterns by indie sewing pattern designers.
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Something for the men today!

I have a handsome but reluctant model for you today. He is happy with his two new shirts – not so much having to pay for them by being a model for his mom – WHAAAT?! He is looking for a job with school and I tried to convince him that perhaps this would help to get him discovered. I don’t know why but he just gave me the stink eye – hahaha!

Sewing mens clothes using pdf sewing patterns by indie sewing pattern designers.
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The Moss Dress

I just tested for a new to me pattern company and it’s always a little nerve wracking to test for a new pattern designer.  But I’m happy to report that testing for Sofiona Designs was a great experience and I hope to get the opportunity again.

By Dagbjørt

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Lovely Linea

Right before I threw my back out a couple of weeks ago I managed to test the new Linea A-line skirt from Wardrobe by me.  My back is getting better but I must start taking better care of myself and work in some exercising time in between work and sewing.  I hope that with brighter and longer days I’ll manage to keep up the motivation.  But enough on that boring stuff, here is Linea!

By Dagbjørt

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All the heart eyes for Mirri

I’m about to show you one of the most flattering pattern I have ever sewed.  It just hugs the body in all the right places and it looks awesome on all sorts of body types.  Here is the awesome Mirri from Wardrobe by me.

By Dagbjørt

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Twinning in our brand new Lana Tops

I’m up on the Lana tour today and what great company I’m in!  One of the great things about the Lana pattern from Coffee and Thread is that its available both for us grown ups and the little ladies in our lives.  I’ve already made quite a few Lana’s for both me and my little one.  But I decided to make our first twinning garment for this tour.  Here you go, our twinning debut!

By Dagbjørt

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