THE Utility Jacket

Many like to start a new year with a challenge, usually that involves eating healthier, exercise more, be a better person or something along that line. I on the other hand decided to sew a jacket and not just any old simple jacket, but a jacket that involved 27 different pattern pieces printed on 78 pages. Like that wasn’t crazy enough this marvellous jacket isn’t even for me!

Sewing mens clothes using pdf sewing patterns by indie sewing pattern designers.

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Smile big brother!

I just have to share with you the other brother and sister set I made for these munchkins of mine.

By Dagbjørt

These two are pretty happy with their new clothes!!

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Twinning – all the heart eyes emojis!

These two – what can I say!

By Dagbjørt

Aren’t they cute?!

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Wardrobe by me…

… using patterns from Wardrobe by me!

Christinas patterns fit me perfectly, they are usually drafted for 172 cm height so I never have to do length adjustments and the curves hit me in all the right places although I have to grade out a little bit for the hips if it’s a fitted garment.  But hey, you can’t have it all on a silver plate now can you?!

By Dagbjørt

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