Twinning – all the heart eyes emojis!

These two – what can I say!

By Dagbjørt

Aren’t they cute?!

I was nervous about what they would say on the twinning part, but thankfully they love it!  Having a unisex pattern I just couldn’t help myself.  They are only 18 months apart and very close to each other although they have completely different personalities.

By Dagbjørt

So, what are they wearing you might be thinking?  I’ll get to the point!  They are wearing their brand new Seronera Bomber Jackets and Anita is also wearing her brand new Impala Skirt.  Both patterns were just released by Sansahash.  Viktors pants are just from H&M but we don’t have to tell anybody about that, ok?

By Dagbjørt

I’m so glad to finally have made something for my handsome little man.  The Seronera jacket comes in two versions, I made the long version for Viktor.  For him I blended between sizes 9 and 12, 9 for chest and height and 12 waist.  He still has a bit of his cute baby belly and Sansahash patterns come with great instruction on how to blend sizes to get the perfect fit.

By Dagbjørt

Anita got the sporty version.  She also falls in different sizes so for her I used chest 5, waist 4 and height 8.  Isn’t it awesome to sew your kids or your own clothes and get the perfect fit every time! I think so!

By Dagbjørt

The skirt is pretty awesome as well, super simple and sews up in no time at all yet the overlay gives it a really nice detail.  I blended sizes here as well, waist 4, hips 5 and height 8 and voila perfect fit.

By Dagbjørt

The fabric I used is organic cotton sweatshirt knit from Bloome Copenhagen, I can’t remember where I ordered it from.  Its pretty awesome, just so you know!  The ribb is a bit more sturdy than regular ribb, which is great to get the collar to stand without having to use interfacing.  I bought the ribb at Kreaktiv my local fabric store.  I don’t know what I should call the light blue fabric in Anitas skirt, but I bought that from Stoffbutikken last year sometime.

By Dagbjørt

Both patterns are on sale for the next week or so.
Impala normal price is $7.95 (sale price 5.50) or €7 (sale price 5) without vat.
Seronera normal price is $8.95 (sale price 5.50) or €8 (sale price 5) without vat.

If you hurry up and join the Facebook group you will find a code with some additional savings, but you have to hurry because it’s valid today only!!

I also have a way for you to win both patterns if you are interested, haha!  Write me a short comment here below and tell me who you would sew one or both patterns for and then hop on over to Sansahash and write a comment there as well.

One more tip!  Check out posts on Instagram also, cause there is a separate give-a-way going on there.

I hope I’m not forgetting something now, but you should definitely check out my fellow bloggers/instagramers to make sure!

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  4. Cindy Matthijssen of missmaakt
  5. Tine Wouters of @10e89
  6. Vanessa Soete of Buttonhappy Happy Button
  7. Gloria Aldana of becauseofherboutique

By Dagbjørt

This is how happy we are!!








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4 thoughts on “Twinning – all the heart eyes emojis!”

  1. Cuteness overload ❤️💙💕💞and their new clothes are awesome 👏 They sure are lucky to have such a talented mom 💗😘


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