Issie Top Collection

So, I’m hopping on the Issie Top Tour Bus today along with two lovely ladies from Belgium With love by Eva and Stannel and I really don’t even know where to begin!  Maybe its best to start at the beginning?  That will take us all the way back to 2014.  Way back then I made the Little Betty Top by Sewpony and I even wrote a little blog post on it here.  I’ll show you a little preview…

By Dagbjørt

I mean common how stinking cute is my baby girl and her Little Betty Top?!  I really loved that top.  I have learned though that you don’t make an entire top out of rib knit.  But hey I stencilled that butterfly on and painted those dots so that’s something.

So that was the beginning and now Betty is all grown up and being the rebell she is she changed her name to Issie.  The pattern now includes more sizes and options and the instructions have been updated.  Now I’m going to show you the collection I’ve made so far from all the options.  I hope you enjoy a long blog post with a lot of photos!  At least scroll down so you can see the list with the other amazing ladies on the tour and get your discount code for The Issie Top

By Dagbjørt

This is the first top I made during testing, Anita chose the fabric herself and as you can see she is very happy!

By Dagbjørt

Going by her measurements I made her size 5 lengthened to size 6 and the fit is perfect for her.  I don’t remember where I got this fabric, it has been in the stash for a while.

By Dagbjørt

Well, lets go ahead and have a wardrobe change in the woods because that’s totally normal, right?  I’m sure it is if you are a professional model or at least if you have a mom who is a sewing blogger!

By Dagbjørt

So this is Issie with a single horizontal ruffle.  This one sews up even faster than the first one because the bodice pieces are just one piece (front is one piece and back is one piece).

By Dagbjørt

The main fabric in this one is from Elvelyckan Design.  Such a lovely quality fabric.  I wish I had fabric from their latest line with the kangaroos, I mean how perfect would that be to use for a pattern from an Aussie designer.

By Dagbjørt

During testing another option was born, the rose collar designed by Mijke from Riddersenrozen.  I just had to make that one too!  I used super soft french terry from So Sew English Fabrics.

By Dagbjørt

Anita got so excited when she saw this one.  She loves bows, so this was perfect for her.  The pattern also has an option for a bodice with a little more flair and that’s the one I used for this one so there is no rib at the bottom.

By Dagbjørt

So why stop when you are on a roll and have a pattern that is super cute and sews up fast printed, taped and cut and ready to be used?  The fabric for this one is also from So Sew English Fabrics and also very soft.  But there is a twist to this one.

By Dagbjørt

It’s a dress!  The pattern can easily be lengthened to a dress, so of course I had to do that.

The lighting is off in the photos that follow, direct morning sunlight isn’t the easiest thing to work with when you are a total amateur photographer!  I hope you bear with me.

By Dagbjørt

Here is one more with the horizontal single ruffle.  The ruffles can be made with woven fabric as well as knit.  Some years ago I bought yards of this chiffon fabric on sale and I have no idea what I can make with it.  I’m happy I’ve used a few centimeters of it for this cute ruffle now at least, lol!

By Dagbjørt

Another twist to the great Issie.  The basic version is not just for girls!

By Dagbjørt

See, it works great for boys too!  For Viktor I made size 9 so it would be a little roomy on him.  The fabric for these two is from Imagine Gnats.

By Dagbjørt

They loved being twins for this photo shoot.

By Dagbjørt

That’s that of the Issie Tops I’ve made so far.  Here is a litte recap…

Back to business.  You can use the code ISSIERELEASE10 to get 10% of your Issie Top from Sewpony


Here you have a tour list:

MONDAY 23/10: anaaisID//

WEDNSEDAY 25/10: VINK//amore//MeToezie//

FRIDAY 27/10: Beletoile//Flaflinko//Froleintilia//Ariane//

MONDAY 30/10: Riddersenrozen//128//

WEDNESDAY 1/11: WithlovebyEva//ByDagbjort//Stannel//

FRIDAY 3/11: Nah-connection//DoGuincho//Groovybabyandmama//liiviundliivi//

MONDAY 6/11: Pistolwhip//Mendandmakenew//Kneesocksandgoldilocks//

WEDNESDAY 8/11: Creativecatoo//Justaddfabric//Casennina//

FRIDAY 10/11: Enjoyfulmakes//Kaatjenaaisels//Larth//Whileshewassleeping//





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