Going totally outside my comfort zone!

I started this sewing thing 4 years ago when my daughter was almost a year old and it all begun with me bying some fat quarters to make cute skirts for her like I had seen on Pinterest.  That was like all the ambition I had back than and never in a million years did I think I would be sewing for myself, let alone what I’m about to show you now!!  It would never have happened without the lovely Christina of Wardrobe by me, so thank you Christina!!

Here it is, welcome to by dagbjort – swimwear edition!

So the thing is Wardrobe by me has just released the ultimate swimwear collection.  Each pattern can be purchased with a release discount of $2.00 (code beach).  Swimsuit and bikini is $11.00 the kimono is $9.00.  If you buy both the bikini and the swimsuit the kimono in included for free.  The price of all three patterns is $22.00, in other words a great deal!

IMG_0257 (1)

I made the Norma Jean Kimono and the Marilyn bikini.  I didn’t have time to make the Rita swimsuit during testing but I have the fabric for it so I will be making that one soon.  I’ll start with the kimono.  It’s designed for light weight woven fabrics, it has dropped shoulders, big pockets, the front is finished with an edge band and my favorite feature is the back casing for the belt because I absolutely hate it when garments have a belt and you keep loosing it!

IMG_0251 (1)

I used this woven viscose from stoff og stil.  It is light weight without being difficult to sew, so this came together very easily and it feels wonderful to the skin.  I decided to size up from my regular size 4 to size 6 just to make sure it was extra comfy, and it sure is!

Now lets move on to the bikini and I ask if you have something to say be kind or be quiet cause posting this is really out of my comfort zone!


I really really totally love this bikini!  I have never ever before owned a bikini that fits this well!  I had been dreading going shopping for a new bikini when Christina asked me to test this for her and at first I wasn’t sure I could do this.  Then I thought it couldn’t possibly end up much worse than what I would end up buying, cause lets face it I’m not about to spend a  whole lot of money on something like a bikini.  But in my mind sewing swimwear sounded so difficult!  I mean you need special swimwear fabric and lining and special elastic and who knows what else.  As it turns out that’s basically what you need and it’s actually not that hard to find and you only need about half a meter of fabric.  I think I’ll even be able to squeeze out something for Anita out of the rest of my fabric.


The pattern comes with two cup sizes for the top A+B and C+D, obviously I used the smaller one in size 4 and for the bottom I made size 10 with the lower waist option.  As I said before I can’t believe how perfectly everything fits,  Christina really understands the female body.  I just went with my measurements and didn’t have to change a single thing. It is simply amazing!!


I used this fabric from the fabric fairy, they have a lot of swimwear fabrics and it was much easier to work with than I had imagined.

Now I have a couple of things I have to make that I have promised the kids and a birthday present for our sweet niece who lives too far away and is turning 5 very soon, so I better get my ass into gear as Robert would have said some years ago!!  Than I’ll make the swimsuit and hopefully have enough fabric left for another bikini (if not I can always order more – right?)


If you need new swimsuits/bikinis for the summer jump on over to wardrobe by me and get the whole collection and in no time you’ll be heading to the beach in style!



Author: bydagbjort

I'm a mom to four fantastic kids, three boys and a girl. To teenagers and to toddlers so never a dull moment in our household :) We are from Iceland but have been living in Norway since 2001. I have a newfound passion for sewing. My hubby travels a lot for work and I needed something to do at night when the little ones are a sleep because suddenly my teenage boys would rather hang with their friends or play on their pc's than be with me - why is beyond my imagination :) Thanks to Pinterest I found some amazing sewing bloggers, whom I've been stalking, and realized that I could dig out my sewing machine and start sewing. Now it's all I think about. I've been hoarding pdf patterns and learning from all the amazing tutorials that are out there. I've decided to try out this blogging thing as well to document my sewing journey. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by, I would love it if you would leave me a comment! XOXO Dagbjört

6 thoughts on “Going totally outside my comfort zone!”

  1. The bikini really suits you. You look so good! I had never thought about going for that shape before, but you have just inspired me to try it for myself.


  2. Wow! This looks great on you! 😊 I have some other patterns from Wardrobe by me, maybe I should buy this one as well…? Bikini is a nightmare and I usually go for a swimsuit. Would be great having a bikini that actually fits. I love you blog and will be visiting now and then to see what you are making. 😊 Have a nice weekend!


    1. Thank you 🙂 Go for it! I have been wearing the same scraps of swimwear for years now because I think shopping for swimwear and pants for that matter is just the worst thing ever! 🙂


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