Working on the summer wardrobe.


We are sooooo ready for summer here in Norway!
So it was quite disappointing that the nice weather from a couple of weeks ago didn’t last.
But at least I’m working on the summer wardrobe for the kids.
I made Anita the Glass Onion Top from Shwin Designs.
I love their blog Shwin and Shwin.  They have tons of tutorials and
free patterns as well.
I made Anita a size 4 and it fits perfectly.  
The pattern has 3 sleeve options, cap, mid and long.
This time I did the mid sleeves.  I say this time because I am for sure using
this pattern again.  It didn’t take me long to whip up this darling cute top,
and it was such a satisfying sew!
There are to options for the back, regular or pleated.
As you see I did the pleated version and I LOVE IT!
The neck scoops down in the back so it’s easy to put on and take off
without any buttons or a zipper.  
This is the perfect top for an active princess.
I think I got both fabrics for the top and the leggings at my
local fabric store, Kreaktiv.
The leggings she is wearing are go to leggings I made her late last summer.
I don’t remember the size I made these in.
Those are also easy and fast to make.
There is not much more to say so I’ll just let you enjoy some fun photos
of my happy little goofball.
Thanks for sticking around!
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